Reviews of A Friend Too Long, 2014


“A Friend Too Long is as wildly beautiful and organic as modern music gets.” - No Depression


“...A timeless yet modern set of songs and their fullest and most complete album yet.” - The Atlas & Anchor


“The sound is raw and heartfelt, tinged with virtuoso-like finger picking throughout...A Friend Too Long is a satisfying listen, start to finish.” - Mike Larson - Detroit Metro Times


“A Friend Too Long” is the third release from Lac La Belle, and by all rights should be the record that puts the tandem of Jennie Knaggs and Nick Schillace on the map. It’s a dynamite gathering of 10 rootsy tunes, recorded during the dead of a frigid Detroit winter, that underscore the duo’s songwriting gifts.”- Jeffrey Sisk - Pittsburgh in Tune


“[Lac La Belle] delivers Americana music in a way that gives the audience a history lesson through a great musical experience.”- Rachel May - The Detroit Free Press


Reviews of Bring on the Light, 2012


"The thirteen songs represent heartfelt, lyrical displays of good'ol folk music with splendid picking, plucking, and strumming . . . Fans of Appalachian folk music, Americana, and old time music will love the music of Lac La Belle."  Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

“This is a wonderful nu-folk duo that knows how to shake off the dust and the stigma to serve up an incredibly hot session that leaves you looking forward to the next one. Well done. Midwest Record

“[Thier] songs are odes to transition and modern values . . . [Marrying] traditional styles with more ethereal, contemplative musical passages. - Heather Longley, Centre Daily Times

 "You can practically hear the bare walls resonating on each cut as Knaggs and Schillace swing into action, heating up the room with vivacity or chilling it back down in backwoods lament...There is indeed a modernistic ring to the affair, but the depth of resonance with the past is blood deep and highly impressive..." - Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange


Reviews of Lac La Belle, 2010


“[Lac La Belle] old-school swinging Western, country and backwoods Americana. Comprised of Detroit's most talented musicians multi-instrumentalist and music aficionado Nick Schillace and the owner of that sweet and plaintive warble, Jennie Knaggs Lac La Belle play pitch-perfect originals in synch with the old-timey classics that are also included in their repertoire.” - Megan ONeal, Detroit Metro Times  

"[Lac La Belle's] old-timey revival music is distinctive in that, rather than providing a contemporary twist on music using throwback instrumentation, the band's sound is straight out of early Americana. Knaggs provides warbling vocals and yodels, and her backing band -- Nick Schillace and Joel Peterson, both well-known musicians in their own right -- holds down a startlingly authentic old-time country sound."  
- Andy Mulkerin, Pittsburgh City Paper  

“Detroit, where the garage rock and noise groups go to breed, is not known for its Americana, folk or country music, but maybe it should be. Lac La Belle’s 10-song collection is fun, it's real, it's a little technical, and gets to the core of American music.” - Josh Humphries, The Daily Reflector , Greenville NC